Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dirty Chai Pancakes with Spiced Caramel Sauce

Dirty Chai Pancakes
Alright, time for the promised pancakes!
When Emma pinned these Dirty Chai Pancakes the other day, I knew I needed to make them. And so I did.
Reuben loved them. “These are really good pancakes,” he told me with his mouth full.

Dirty Chai Pancakes
Lovely Chai spices are mixed in with the dry ingredients. Fresh-ground espresso makes these “dirty” pancakes.
You should whip these up. Today. For breakfast, lunch or supper! They’re good any time.

Recipe Notes:
The original recipe called for spelt flour, but I subbed whole wheat and AP flour with great success. It also called for non-dairy milk, but I just used regular whole.
I didn’t have any maple syrup on hand, so I just mixed up a spiced caramel sauce. You could also mix a few spices into warmed maple syrup if you prefer.

Dirty Chai Pancakes with Spiced Caramel Sauce | adapted from The First Mess and Foods of Our Lives serves 3-4 | Printable Page
For the Spiced Caramel Sauce
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 6 tablespoons butter
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream, room temperature
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • pinch each of: ginger, cardamom, nutmeg and cloves
For the pancakes:
  • 1 1/3 cup whole milk
  • 2 tsp white wine vinegar
  • ¾ cup white whole wheat flour
  • ½ cup all-purpse flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • pinch of fine sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon freshly ground espresso
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • ½ tsp ground ginger
  • ¼ tsp ground cardamom
  • ¼ tsp ground nutmeg
  • pinch of ground cloves
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup or sweetener of choice
  • 1 tbsp melted butter or coconut oil
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
To make the caramel sauce:
1) Place the sugar in a medium heavy saucepan over medium heat. Stir vigorously with awooden spoon until the sugar melts. This will take a few minutes.
2) Once the sugar has all melted start adding the butter one piece at a time. Whisk until the butter is completely melted. Wait about 3 seconds and then add the cream slowly. Whisk as you add until the mixture is smooth and creamy. Remove from heat.
3) Add the salt and spices and whisk again a couple times just to incorporate.
To make the pancakes:
1) Combine the milk and vinegar in a liquid measuring cup. Stir lightly and set aside to curdle for at least 5 minutes.
2) In a large bowl, whisk together the flours, baking powder, baking soda, salt, ground coffee, cinnamon, ground ginger, cardamom, nutmeg and cloves. Add the curdled milk, maple syrup, melted butter and vanilla extract. Stir gently to combine, taking care not to over mix.
3) Heat a large cast iron or nonstick skillet over medium heat. Brush the pan with melted butter. Drop 1/3 cup measures of the pancake batter into the pan. Allow the first side to cook for 1 to 1-½ minutes, or until bubbles pop on the surface and the edges appear dry and lightly browned. Flip the pancakes over and cook for another minute. Remove pancakes and keep warm. Repeat with remaining batter.
4) Serve pancakes with lots of butter, spiced caramel sauce or maple syrup. Yum!

Dirty Chai Pancakes

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jovial Foods Review + Giveaway

Jovial Foods
A few months ago I reached out to the folks at Jovial, wondering if they would be interested in partnering with me to bring you guys a review of some of their awesome products. I was expecting to receive a few items, but just look at the bounty they sent me! 

Here's a quick overview of what Jovial is all about:

They're a small, family-owned company, founded by husband and wife team Carla and Rodolfo. When they realized that their daughter was sensitive to modern wheat (it caused her asthma, mood swings, chronic sinusitis and hair loss), they started creating high quality gluten-free foods. 

Then, they discovered Einkorn: a rare, ancient form of wheat. They found that their daughter could eat the Einkorn. Einkorn has a different protein structure than modern wheat, so some people that are sensitive to wheat can handle Einkorn. You can read more about ancient grains HERE.

Besides high quality Einkorn products, Jovial sells gluten-free pastas, organic olive oil, tomatoes in glass jars, and more!

Here is my review of the products they sent me:

Jovial Foods
Whole wheat einkorn penne. I'm usually not a huge fan of whole wheat pasta, but this was quite good. It wasn't bitter like many whole wheat pastas I've tried. 

Jovial Foods
Einkorn spaghetti. This is made with "white" eikorn. I must say that I was quite impressed with this pasta. I was able to achieve perfect al dente. Usually my pasta goes quickly from not quite done to very soft. This pasta was both firm and completely cooked. I could tell that it was high quality.

Jovial Foods
Jovial Foods
Einkorn wheat berries. These were so much fun to work with! They look different from modern wheat varieties.

Sprouted Flour from Jovial Einkorn
I sprouted a package of the berries and made my own sprouted einkorn flour. It doesn't get much better than that.

Jovial Foods
Organic diced tomatoes. I really really appreciate that they're packed in glass jars. I don't like buying tomatoes in tin cans because of all the BPA. I can feel good about using Jovial's tomatoes! 

Jovial Foods
They even use a BPA free lid. I love their attention to details!

Jovial Foods
They included some tomato paste in a glass jar. This is great for thickening pasta sauce and it's SO handy that it's in a jar. Does anyone else get frustrated at those cans of tomato paste?

Jovial Foods
Jovial Foods
Organic extra virgin olive oil. This is made from 100% Italian organic ancient varieties of olives. It's high quality for sure. I didn't notice a big difference in taste, but I'm not an olive oil connoisseur.

Here are a few of the things I made with their products: 

Blueberry Dutch Baby
With the einkorn flour I sprouted, I made a Blueberry Dutch Baby. This was delicious. Helen loved it. 

Spaghetti Bolognese
With the spaghetti, diced tomatoes, tomato paste and olive oil I made Spaghetti Bolognese (with grass-fed beef, of course). Because of the quality of the ingredients, I felt good feeding it to Helen (minus the pasta, since I don't give her un-sprouted grains yet).

Blueberry Cake
I also made a blueberry cake for Helen with the sprouted flour. She adored it. I thought it was yummy as well, even though I cut out a lot of the sweetener from the recipe.

I made my no-knead bread with part of the einkorn flour I ground. It was very good.

Now for the big question: would I purchase these products?

Yes! I will definitely be purchasing Jovial products in the future. I am quite impressed with the quality. The olive oil is pretty expensive - it will be a special occasion item. I'll be savoring my bottle. 

If you're interested in purchasing some Jovial products, make sure you use the coupon code BSU2014
It will get you 10% off your order plus FREE SHIPPING! This code is good until the end of September. It excludes their KOMO grain mill and Culinary Getaway. 

Giveaway Time!

The folks over at Jovial have generously agreed to give away two (2) gift certificates for $25 each!

Here's what you need to do to enter the giveaway:

  • Either like Jovial's Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter or Pinterest. You don't have to follow all three - you can pick just one if you like.
  • Come back here and leave a comment on this post answering the following question: What's your favorite pasta dish of all time?


  • You must follow one of Jovial's social media pages AND leave a comment on this post.
  • You must be a continental US resident and you must be 18 years of age or older. 
  • You must provide a way for me to reach you if you win the giveaway (Your Twitter, Pinterest, email, blog, etc.).
  • The giveaway will end on Tuesday, September 16, at midnight Central Time. No comments will be considered for the giveaway after that time.
  • Using, I will select 2 winners. If you do not provide a way for me to contact you, I will select a different winner.
  • The winners must respond to my email within 72 hours or I will have to choose a new winner.

That's it!
Good luck!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Maple Apple Pecan Bread

This post was originally published on October 10, 2010 on Cooking for Seven.

Maple Apple Pecan Bread | Buttered Side Up
Maple Apple Pecan Bread | Buttered Side Up
Maple Apple Pecan Bread | Buttered Side Up

We have been blessed with a multitude of apples this year. It’s wonderful to be able to, after a hard run, pluck an apple from our trees and enjoy a sweet reward.
It’s also wonderful to have so many apples on hand, ready to create something delicious. Like pink apple jelly. Or this scrumptious Maple Apple Pecan Bread.

  The original recipe called for brown sugar. Since I didn’t have natural “solid” sweetener on hand, I substituted maple syrup and increased the flour by 3 tablespoons.
   I did use 3/4 cup of ap-flour, but if you have whole wheat pastry flour on hand you could easily use all whole wheat.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pollo en Salsa al Horno (Roasted Chicken in Sauce)

Pollo en Salsa al Horno (Roasted Chicken in Sauce)
Tasty Kitchen Blog Pollo en Salsa al Horno (Roasted Chicken in Sauce) 05.jpg
Tasty Kitchen Blog Pollo en Salsa al Horno (Roasted Chicken in Sauce) 09.jpg
Tasty Kitchen Blog Pollo en Salsa al Horno (Roasted Chicken in Sauce) 19.jpg
Tasty Kitchen Blog Pollo en Salsa al Horno (Roasted Chicken in Sauce) 22.jpg

If I'm honest, I thought that this chicken was going to be a lot more work than it was. First off, the name makes it sound much too fancy for a weeknight meal. And frying chicken always sounds daunting.

To my surprise, this came together very easily. The hardest part is locating some good saffron. It was well worth it.

Check out the recipe and my step-by-step photos over on the Tasty Kitchen Blog. Enjoy!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Pretty Failures + Life Lately

OR: Why I Haven't Been a Good Blogger

Homemade Root Beer Ingredients
Homemade Root Beer
Here's a bit of an explanation for why I've been blogging so sporadically lately: I have had a run of bad luck with the recipes that I've been testing for Buttered Side Up. Take this Homemade Root Beer. I absolutely LOVED the pictures. But it tasted somewhat medicinal. I didn't feel right sharing it with you guys.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Then there's this Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream. It didn't taste bad, but the amount of peanut butter wasn't right. I still want to share this recipe with you guys once I figure it out.

Gooey Cinnamon Biscuits
Gooey Cinnamon Biscuits
These Gooey Cinnamon Biscuits sounded so so good. I must have tampered with the recipe too much, because they were pretty bland. 

Fresh Tomato Pasta
Lastly we have this Fresh Tomato Pasta. I thought it would be full of flavor, but it too was fairly insipid. Once I added some pepperoni it was a bit better, but nothing special.

Another reason I haven't been able to keep up with blogging as much as I like is that we have been pretty busy of late. Here are a few highlights from our summer:

Sparklers at our family Reunion.

Duluth Trip
We took a trip to Duluth, MN. You can read more about it on my personal blog HERE.

We made it to the family cabin a couple of times.

Lake Itasca Family Music Festival
We attended the Lake Itasca Family Music Festival. Well, attended isn't quite the right word. We worked volunteered until we were dog tired, Reuben in the kitchen and I taking care of Helen and TRYING to take good photos. And Helen decided sleep was optional. I was worn out and very ready for home by the end of the weekend. 

Our little girlie is 18 months now! You can read more about it HERE.

So that's my excuse for being a bad blogger. 

I'll leave you with two questions:

1) What have you been up to this summer?
2) What would you like to see this fall on Buttered Side Up?


Monday, August 18, 2014

Thai Chicken Salad

Thai Chicken Salad
On humid August evenings a hot, heavy supper doesn't sound one bit appealing. Any amount of cooking heats up our little house (we don't have air conditioning). And when Reuben has been working in the blazing sun all day, all he wants is a smoothie. But smoothies don't stick with you long.

Thai Chicken Salad
A cold salad is so refreshing and satisfying, especially if it contains protein (AKA chicken). Most of the time I'll simply marinade chicken tenderloins and serve them on top of greens with lots of cheese and dressing. But I wanted to branch out (and I wanted to make something yummy to share with y'all).

Thai Chicken Salad
"Would you eat this for supper if I made it?" I asked Reuben. "You probably won't like it." 

You see, Asian food isn't his favorite (unless it's deep fried, for which I can't blame him). He actually tolerated it pretty well, and wouldn't let me share it with my sister and her husband. I really liked it. It's my thang. 

As always, make sure you customize to your personal tastes. If you like a bit of heat, you could add some Sriracha to the dressing. I think that a fruit such as mangoes or peaches would be lovely. Maybe some candied almonds. Yummers. 

Thai Chicken Salad
adapted from Nature Box | makes 3-4 servings | Printable Page


For the Salad:
  • 6 cups shredded cabbage (about half a head)
  • 1 large carrot, peeled and shredded
  • 2 green onions, sliced on the diagonal 
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro (less if you don't care for cilantro)
  • 1 avocado, diced 
  • 6 chicken tenderloins, cooked with a bit of salt and cut into small pieces (about 2 cups)

    For the Dressing:
    • 1/4 cup peanut butter
    • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
    • 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar
    • 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice + a bit extra
    • 1 tablespoon evaporated cane juice (more if you're using unsweetened peanut butter)
    • 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger


    1) Toss all of the salad ingredients except for the chicken together gently in a large mixing bowl. 

    2) For the dressing, place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Taste and adjust seasonings if necessary. 

    To assemble:

    3) Pour a bit of the salad dressing over the chicken, squeeze in a bit of lime juice and toss to combine. Toss chicken with salad ingredients. Pour dressing over salad and toss one more time. Serve immediately. Store any leftovers in the refrigerator (it will last for MAYBE a day, probably less).

    DO AHEAD: Toss together all of the salad ingredients except for the avocado and chicken. Make the dressing. When ready to serve, mix in the avocado, chicken and dressing.

    Sunday, August 10, 2014

    Homemade Chocolate Syrup for Chocolate Milk!

    Chocolate Syrup - Butttered Side Up
    Chocolate Syrup - Butttered Side Up
    Chocolate Syrup - Butttered Side Up
    Chocolate Syrup - Butttered Side Up

    First of all, my apologies for being such a horrid blogger this past month. Earlier this summer I felt like I had a really good rhythm going. Then things got busy. Every weekend for the past 5 weekends we've had something going on. I'm looking forward to being able to catch my breath. 

    This past year I've really been into chocolate milk, especially making it myself. Normally I'll mix it up as I go along: spoon some cocoa powder and sugar into a cup then mix in milk and cream. It tastes delicious, but it's kind of a pain to mix together. The milk doesn't always play nice and often refuses to be fully incorporated into the chocolate. 

    Having a bottle of chocolate syrup in the fridge makes it so much easier. Simply pour into the milk and stir! No more lumps of chocolate. 

    By the way, I HIGHLY recommend that you use some cream in your milk. Not quite half and half, more like 2/3 milk, 1/3 cream. But be warned: once you try it, just milk will never be the same. Also, I still blow bubbles in my chocolate milk. I think it freaks Reuben out. He's probably afraid that I'll teach it to Helen. Which I most likely will.

    Homemade Chocolate Syrup
    recipe adapted from Created by Diane | Printable Page



    1) Place the water, sucanat and cocoa powder in a medium saucepan. Cook over medium heat, whisking occasionally, until the mixture comes to a boil. Remove from heat.

    2) Stir in the vanilla extract. Allow to cool and pour into a jar or squeeze bottle. Store in the refrigerator. 

    Note: Some links are affiliate. All opinions are my own and I would never share a product with you guys that I haven't already tested unless otherwise stated.

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